How to Add Color and Modern Style to Your Home with Decorative Glass

Popular all over the world, decorative glass is finally making a splash in the United States.

Meet A Modern And Fun Way To Bring Color Into Your Home Colorkote

Whether you love using color throughout a house, or just a single pop when a space calls for it, there are many ways to incorporate lively or calming hues. One that is popular in design around the world, but just starting to gain steam in the United States, is decorative glass.

Perfect for adding a dash of color and a sleek modern edge to your home, the possibilities with glass are endless. Especially when working with ColorKote. This family and woman-owned business based in Stratford, Connecticut is the largest US applicator of the Australian-based coating system GlassKote product, a luxury coating system with a proven 30+ year track record on the worldwide market. With many uses, from shower enclosures to kitchen backsplashes, decorative glass from ColorKote is a clean and customizable design element you don’t want to miss. Here are a few ways you can use it in your next design project.

Meet A Modern And Fun Way To Bring Color Into Your Home Colorkote Orange

Jazz up a kitchen

While tile is often the go-to option for a kitchen backsplash, glass is just as striking and easy to clean. Additionally, the ColorKote product is extremely durable. It comes with a 10-year warranty as the coating does not simply cover the glass but bonds with the glass on a molecular level. The result is something high-quality and long-lasting, through all of a kitchen’s memories and messes.

A designer’s imagination can soar as well since ColorKote is happy to assist in the creative process to bring designs to life. Tapping their industry connections and working with a design team’s graphics, they can help guide designers through even the most intricate challenges along the way. The company supplies many types of architectural glass besides just their back-coated product and you can combine effects to create a next-level look in your kitchen and beyond. Ceramic frit print, digital laminated film, laminated fabrics, are just a few examples of the impactful processes they work with.

Design custom furnishings

When working with glass, all your custom dreams can come true. Consider creating a unique breakfast or coffee table to make mundane moments marvelous. Even a bedside table can make a statement with a colorful and fun glass top. Companies are already taking note of this as ColorKote’s glass can be found in high-end lobbies, offices, and executive suites.

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Design by Sage Designs

Focus on the shower

Even for those who prefer neutral tones, laminated and coated glass makes a bold effect. For a modern sophisticated look, a combination of opaque shower walls with semi-translucent enclosures creates a sleek and luxurious effect. Though, if design teams are feeling more adventurous, bright colors are always an option when working with ColorKote. Consider something bold, such as adding a combination of laminated patterns with a mirror backing.

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Internationally, using decorative glass in high-end design is nothing new, but it is just beginning to make a splash in the United States. Using their industry connections and expertise, ColorKote helps architects and designers find a way to make their minimalist or maximalist visions a reality, with a deep love for the work they do.

Nicole Olson, who worked at the company for seven years, acquired ColorKote in the midst of the pandemic. Rising to every challenge presented during this time and with a passionate staff, the thriving company is busy working on projects throughout the US and even globally; helping clients in all things decorative glass.

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