How to Choose the Right Refrigerator for Your Kitchen

This is an important decision you don't want to be rethinking a few years later.
How To Choose The Right Refrigerator For Your Kitchen Liebherr Wine Transitional

Liebherr’s Monolith columns (MF2451MRB2400) with the Wine (HW8000).

When creating your dream kitchen, some decisions you make you’ll likely be living with for many years. Most of all, the appliances you decide to invest in.

With Liebherr, the process of choosing refrigeration appliances for your new or remodeled kitchen doesn’t need to be overwhelming. The brand has spent over 65 years specializing in the art of cooling so that you can focus on what matters to you most. All they do is cool.

Kindly lending their knowledge and experience, German-based Liebherr is now sharing tips to help you choose the right refrigerator for your kitchen.

How To Choose The Right Refrigerator For Your Kitchen Liebherr

Liebherr Fully Integrated Undercounter Refrigerator (UR500)

Consider Your Kitchen Layout

The layout is the main starting point for any kitchen project. First, understand your space. Who will be using the kitchen and for what purposes? From there, you can design a layout where the appliances are easily accessible and do not obstruct traffic. Liebherr, with its European compact style, has the perfect solutions to maximize space and efficiency in any kitchen layout.

Adding a secondary beverage or snack refrigerator in a separate room is also a great idea to optimize your kitchen’s space and flow. Placing another refrigerator in an entertainer’s basement, for example, or somewhere unexpected in your kitchen provides the ability to access food and drink without interfering with elaborate cooking.

How To Choose The Right Refrigerator For Your Kitchen Liebherr Outdoor

Liebherr Outdoor Cooler (RO510)

Think Undercounter

These are probably the most flexible cooling appliances—ideal for bringing into small and large kitchens, or spaces like a game room or media room. Liebherr Undercounter refrigerators, freezers, and wine are excellent for outdoor kitchens, too. No more going in and out of the house to get drinks, food, and snacks. You can have everything you need right there.

Liebherr’s advice? At the same time you choose your main kitchen refrigerator and freezer, decide if you will be buying undercounters and where you will be putting them. Planning this all at once can help you see what you most need in the kitchen.

How To Choose The Right Refrigerator For Your Kitchen Liebherr Transitional 1 Final

Liebherr’s Monolith Bottom Freezer Refrigerator (MCB3650)

Style Matters, Find Yours with Customizable Solutions

In today’s luxury kitchens, design varies between showing durable and sleek stainless steel or utilizing custom panels that conceal the refrigerator in a chic fashion. To see what we mean, check out the slideshow below. Displaying the same kitchen for easy comparison, you’ll see a Liebherr Freestanding Side-by-Side stainless steel combination vs. panels over a Monolith Fully Integrated Full refrigerator and freezer.

Whichever aesthetic catches your eye, the best design feature about Liebherr appliances is that they all have a counter depth at 24,” which will create the illusion of a fully-integrated refrigerator even if it is freestanding. And, there are plenty more refrigeration style options to explore or combine.

Configurations Liebherr Recommends:


With this style, the freezer and food compartment stand side by side, allowing convenient access to both chambers. The doors open from the center and span the full height of the product.

Bottom Freezer

This style offers a larger food compartment on the top and a smaller freezer on the bottom. This configuration is ideal for you if you frequently eat more fresh food and use less freezer space.

French Door

This configuration allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds: The side-by-side style and a bottom freezer. You can choose to have a double-door refrigerator and a full-width freezer drawer or try the Monolith French Door bottom freezer to have French Doors for your fridge and freezer. With two doors that open silently and independently of each other, the Monolith French door bottom freezer provides more space than a traditional one-door.

How To Choose The Right Refrigerator For Your Kitchen Liebherr C

Liebherr’s Monolith Bottom Freezer Refrigerator (MCB3652)

For Features, Take Cues from Your Lifestyle

Together with the configuration and style, you must consider the benefits an appliance can provide to your unique lifestyle. How you live and entertain will determine if you need more freezer space, easier accessibility, or additional room for beverages.

Whether your life consists of mainly storing leftovers, weekly meal prepping, or creating robust holiday dinners, Liebherr has you covered. With innovative energy efficiency and food-saving advancements such as BioFresh and BioFresh-Plus, PowerCooling, and Liebherr’s SmartDeviceBox Wi-Fi connectivity, the brand’s innovations can make your time in the kitchen smooth and hassle-free. Purchases you can feel proud of, all of the brand’s appliances also meet or exceed EnergyStar® standards.

How To Choose The Right Refrigerator For Your Kitchen Liebherr D

Liebherr’s Monolith columns (MF2451MRB2400)

While selecting tiles or light fixtures may seem like a more glamorous part of a kitchen project, those elements are a breeze to switch out when the mood strikes. For refrigeration appliances, you want to get it right the first time to avoid problems down the road. And with Liebherr, you will.

Known for their timeless aesthetics, distinguishing intuitive details, and inventive features, the family-owned company brings the best of European cooling to the Americas. To learn more about Liebherr, visit their website.