Inside Kit Kemp’s Holiday Shop at NYC’s Bergdorf Goodman

Think outside of the box with Kit Kemp's vibrant designs.
Holiday Pop Up Shop

Photographs by Marius Chira

British interior designer Kit Kemp has created a holiday shop at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City and it is a shining work of art. Located on the seventh floor, the shop showcases her exclusive collection of hand painted, playful, and vibrant furniture and accessories. In true camp fashion, Kit Kemp brings an array of color, texture and out-of-the-box accessories for a fun-filled space that you simply cannot ignore. With unique pieces including hand painted candlesticks, mosaic birdbaths, and pet houses, this whimsical little world is sure to inspire your home design.

Kemp is widely known for her spectacular vivid designs that have won her numerous awards and outstanding recognition. She is the successful Founder and Creative Director of Firmdale Hotels, as well as a textiles, fragrance and homewares designer.

In 2012, Kemp broadened her career yet again publishing her first book. Three books later, Kemp has become a renowned and respected author. Her latest book, Design Thread, explores the inspiration behind her creative process. She uncovers the importance of detail and making every inch a piece of art, leaving no room for a blank canvas.

With her maximalist outlook on interior design, it is no surprise the magical holiday shop is meticulously designed with no space untouched. Beginning with the walls, Kemp’s very own ‘Wychwood’ and ‘Unicorn’ wallpaper designs leave nothing to chance. From the textured artwork box-frames down to the one-of-a-kind embellished boxes by French artist Mimi de Biarritz, every speck of detail leaves you in awe. Kemp’s attention to what you might call the little things is admirable and inspiring.

The Kit Kemp holiday extravaganza has exclusive pieces you will only find at Bergdorf’s and at Shop Kit Kemp. Whether it be the adorable flower-decorated pillows or the witty accessories, the shop holds a diverse selection for all of your friends and family this holiday season.

Beginning her pop-up shop journey with Bergdorf Goodman last year, Kemp was pleased to be invited back this year to open up her own permanent shop. With plans to change it seasonally, there is only more to come…and we can’t wait.