Insight to Innovation

CTC&G asked our IDA judges: What project stood out to you and why?

Anthony Baratta

Diamond Baratta Design

"A kitchen done by Alisberg Parker. It was great to see so much new and inspiring design. I loved both the 
architecture and the decorating. The ceiling’s scale was fantastic and the use of marble—just beautiful. Such a really great great room."



Lou marotta
Lou Marotta Inc.

"The instant I saw the home designed by Dominic Fusco, I knew it was truly lived in. Although the things inside were varied, and purchased at different times, they were all collected by the same heart. I sensed a real passion for the interiors. Very exciting with a lot of energy."



Philip gorrivan
Phiip Gorrivan Design

"I loved the creativity of the modest hall guest bath by Bartels-Pagliaro. Very creative and innovative, and a great use of space."





matthew patrick smyth
Matthew Patrick Smyth Interior Design

"Sam Mitchell’s entry is a project I wish had my name on! It was well edited, thoughtful but not overwrought, and elegant without pretension. I admired his use of materials and control of scale. I wanted to see more, which is always a good sign!"



frances palmer
Frances Palmer Pottery

"James Doyle’s landscape project stands out to me. He works with broad strokes of shape and color, and the garden project is completely elegant. It will have form year-round and is beautifully conceived to work with the house."



adam hopfner
Yale School of Architecture

"Amanda Martocchio Architects had sensitive siting to frame views and created inviting exterior spaces. Also lovely manipulation of natural lighting."