Inspiring Christmas Decorations with Marie Masureel

Masureel's new novel explores the magic of decorating with nature.

Marie Masureel is a renowned interior stylist and photographer with a passion for transforming interior spaces utilizing repurposed elements and found objects from nature, season by season. Using “nature as a mood board,” Masureel’s new novel, Living With Nature: Decorating with the Rhythms of the Seasons, is the perfect tool for creating a sanctuary at home in any season. Read an excerpt from Living with Nature, by Marie Masureel, Rizzoli New York below.

Book Cover

Photography and styling by Marie Masureel

Decluttering may sound contradictory for the end-of-year period, with often ornate Christmas decorations and festively decorated tables. I therefore opt for a natural holiday, one that is never over the top. I don’t like kitschy Christmases, but I do like them to be cozy and warm. So I don’t exaggerate with my decorations, and above all make sure that the extra decorations I put up for Christmas also fit in with the rest of the decor.

Many people place just a tree, but I like to put Christmas touches everywhere in the house. This way the decoration really blends into the interior, rather than having a single—some- times far too loud—eye-catcher. It doesn’t always have to be a large Christmas tree; a few branches can already be enough to convey the holiday feeling.

I also alternate the decorations in the tree. Sometimes I just hang lights in the tree, and I put the balls in a bowl or as decoration on the party table. If an ornament smashes to the floor, I keep the shards for the Christmas party and sprinkle them on the table cloth as glitter. In this time of excess, slow living means that the house should not be dripping with kitsch.

You can make decorations yourself with natural materials. For example, I love the combination of clay, branches, and linen. The element of fire also comes in handy outside: fire baskets, a winter barbecue, candles, fireworks…creating a fairy-tale atmosphere at nightfall.

The print version of this article appeared with the headline: Christmas At Home. 
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