Introducing SFC&G's Editor in Chief, Alisa Carroll

Anticipating the launch of San Francisco Cottages & Garden's inaugural issue, we sat down with Editor in Chief, Alisa Carroll to find out more about her design heroes and her plans for the SF design community.
Alisa Carrol San Francisco Cottages and Gardens Editor in Chief

Alisa has lived in San Francisco for a decade and is deeply engaged with the design community. She has written for many publications, and this month, Rizzoli publishes her first book, Jay Jeffers: Collected Cool, a monograph co-written with the celebrated Bay Area interior designer.

SF: When did you first become interested in design?

AC: I grew up in Fairfield, Connecticut, which is about an hour from New York, and spent as much time in the city as possible, soaking it all up. MoMA, the Met, and the galleries in Tribeca and SoHo were all really formative for me. To this day I can also only wear black or I break out in hives, so I think the city left its mark on me too.

SF: What does the Cottages & Gardens brand mean to you?

AC: A true valuing of “sense of place,” a connection with the Northern California landscape–built and natural–that is the backdrop of our lives. We want to create a publication that is true to the Bay Area’s soul and sensibility, whether we’re looking at the Mission or wine country or Silicon Valley.

SF: Why is Cottages & Gardens coming to San Francisco now?

AC: San Francisco has always been vital, but particularly, at this moment, it is a city on fire – from design to visual art, tech to development. We can't wait to celebrate it all in our pages.

SF: What’s new in design that you’re following?

AC: There’s such an inspiring renaissance of craft here in the Bay Area – artists like Tuell and Reynolds , Jonathan Browning Studios, Inc., Paul Benson and Michael McEwen, for example, are all designing and making incredible furnishings in metal. And we truly have one of the finest landscape architecture communities in the world – from Bernard Trainor, who is featured in our first issue, to Andrea Cochran, Ron Lutsko and beyond.

SF: What are your favorite San Francisco spots to shop for design?

AC: Our debut issue actually features eight neighborhood design guides by top interior designers like Gary Hutton, Martha Angus and Geoffrey De Sousa; they trace their favorite design routes from Fillmore to Sonoma. I personally love Jackson Square and Hayes Valley because they’re tree-lined, intimate and walkable.

SF: Who are your design heroes?

AC: I love Andrée Putman Studio Putman she had strength and grace both in her work and personal style, and I love Ilse Crawford’s artful eye. I’m inspired by their integration of old and new–their spaces have soul and atmosphere. That’s what I’m always looking for in a home.


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