Iron Man

In a converted early-20th-century brick building, John Battle fabricates works of art

Metalsmith John Battle

Metalsmith John Battle works out of a distinctive brick building that stands just a caboose length from the Bridgehampton train stop. Built around 1900, it originally housed steam engines that powered a nearby sawmill. Battle, who has been here for 25 years, also uses the space with an industrial purpose in mind: working with metal for a multitude of projects on the East End.

Some are large scale: garden gates, table bases and gazebos. Others are small, such as repairing an 18th-century cherub that needed a broken part replaced.  Currently Battle is fabricating decorative bolts for an architect; he has just completed a massive three-level, elliptically shaped staircase with 125 custom hand-forged balusters, all in wrought iron. “It was complex, taking six months of work,” says Battle, who both creates objects of his own design and collaborates with architects and builders, working in a variety of metals, such as brass, bronze, stainless steel, wrought iron and copper.

His background in art and architecture and early work as a sculptor has helped sharpen his eye and design sense. “I follow my instincts and aptitude when it comes to problem solving in the physical world,” he explains, adding, “all my life I have been fascinated with how things work and how to resolve the tension that exists between form and function.” He especially enjoys running his own metal shop: “I am willing to take on any challenge,” he says, “large or small.”

For more information, contact Battle Iron & Bronze, 631-537-2193.