Iron Sculptor Steve Glorius Sheds Light on Traditional Techniques with an Ode to Wildlife

Seahorse at Sunset by Steve GloriusStretching over the past 25 years, iron sculptor Steve Glorius seems to have perfected the art of repurposing scrap metal into intricate handmade figures. Upon colleague and friend requests, Glorius combined his love for wildlife, the natural world, and his experience working with iron works and a steel supply company.

As for his sculptures, the technique the artist uses is an old traditional one. The process includes using an oxygen-acetylene torch combined with welding motions from a welding machine. This process could take severely weeks of hands-on labor before the final product has been created. Devoting most of his time to his craft, Glorius explains, “I like making people happy with what they see.” Some projects from the sculptor include turtles, dolphins, sharks, mermaids, and birds.

Within the world of art and design, Glorius’ work has also gained tons of recognition. His 600-pound “Great White Shark” sculpture had once been on display at The Calvert Marine Museum at Solomons Island. Some celebrities also make up a portion of Glorius art holdings, with Mariel Hemingway being gifted with one of Glorius' works of art.

Peacock Sculpture by Steve Glorius

Giving back to the community and the natural environment, Glorius has helped gained awareness of our fragile wildlife by donating his humpback whales sculpture “Momma & Baby” to the 2017 South Fork Natural History Museum Summer Gala who had been taken home by Susan Rockefeller, the highest bidder of the event.

Due to his love of sea and marine life, Glorius has spent his last four summers in The Hamptons and East End of Long Island, which luckily has also sparked interest amongst locals on the his work. He hopes to continue on with his craft, creating even more beautiful hand-sculpted wildlife creations.

For more information on artist Steve Glorius and Glorius Works of Art, he can be reached through his Instagram & Facebook.