CTC&G (Connecticut Cottages & Gardens) - September 2014

Tour a Greenwich Contemporary Where Whimsical Antiques Mix with Serious Furnishings

Most people seek to avoid high drama in life. Michael Tubis, an antiques dealer and interior designer, and his partner, Dr. Stuart Bentley, encourage it. “There’s drama to be found in every room, and we work to foster that,” says Tubis of their 9,000-square-foot contemporary house situated on a private road in Greenwich. “Everyone who comes to one of our huge parties says the same thing upon walking inside, ‘Wow.’ Even I can’t stop saying it every time I come back home.”

With An Eye Toward Sustainability, Architect McKee Patterson Upgrades a 20th-Century Colonial

When you’ve completed three major interior design projects with the same couple, you might not be able to finish each other’s sentences but you likely know the answer to “chintz or stripes?” without having to ask the question. So when the owners of an early 20th-century Colonial Revival contacted Paul Stuart Rankin for a fourth go around, he knew just what to do.