HC&G (Hamptons Cottages & Gardens) - September 2015

After a Disastrous Fire Nearly Destroyed Her Water Mill Home, Decorator Wendy Seewagen Created it Anew

Some people collect baseball cards, and others vintage cars. Some even collect more offbeat objects, like moon rocks or Pez dispensers. Still others, like designer Wendy Seewagen, collect houses. The decorator loves the adventure of reinventing a structure entirely, and thinks nothing of knocking down a wall or constructing a staircase from scratch. What’s more, she would rather do the work by herself. A chore? Not for her.

Entrepreneur Michael Bruno Savors the Graceful Beauty and Last Days of a Historic Gin Lane Carriage House

The stress often associated with owning a second or even a third or fourth home doesn’t faze Michael Bruno in the least. He already owns a venerable house in Tuxedo Park and a New York apartment, but when a Grosvenor Atterbury mansion became available last year on Coopers Neck Lane, Bruno and his partner, Alexander Jakowec, couldn’t resist.

Decorating Duo Design House Kits Out a Sweet Southampton Cottage That's Brimming with Personality

Like most industries, the world of interior design is a competitive one. Even people with no training can decide to call themselves “decorators” and hang up their shingles, further populating an already crowded field. No one knows who will be the next Sister Parish or Mario Buatta, and especially in Manhattan, it’s more difficult than ever to stand out.