New York Cottages & Gardens - March 2013

Deeds & Don'ts: Get the Inside Scoop on New York Real Estate

These New York digs and neighborhoods are hot out on the market. Penthouse D, one of New York's most desirable tower apartments at Breseford is just waiting to be snatched up once famous editor Helen Gurley Brown's estate puts it on the market. And check out the new and improved Spanish Harlem, which is currently morphing into the newly christened Upper Carnegie Hill, Gotham's latest emerging high-end neighborhood.

The Magic of Mexico: Discovering the Hidden Charms of Puerto Vallarta and the Costa Alegre

See the discoveries of these hidden charms found in Puerto Vallarta and the Costa Alegre. Puerto Vallarta is a bustling mid-size Mexican city with beautiful beaches, glorious mountains that spill into the Bay of Banderas, and wonderfully quirky architecture and fabulous food at every turn.

Antiques Expert Christophe Pourny Brings Everything Back to Life

In his Dumbo studio, Christopher Pourny sticks to old world techniques when cleaning and refinishing antique and vintage furniture. Pourny's work ranges from antique restoration to period finishes and custom reproductions.
“Here I am, French, from the other side of the ocean,” recalls Pourny. “I realized I must have done something right to be given this job!” The son of antiques dealers, Pourny was exposed to the world of rarefied furniture early on, while he was growing up in the South of France. “As a kid, I was mesmerized by high-gloss finishes—they would drive me crazy. I always wondered how it was done.”