New York Cottages & Gardens - May 2013

TEST Tour Designer John Willey's Country Getaway

Like many people who shoulder the hectic pace of New York, building careers or launching businesses, designer John Willey has paid his dues. Like many people, too, he eventually needed an escape from it all. “The city takes its toll…

Decorator Michael Rosenberg completes an Ohio couple's pied-à-terre

After settling on a 14th-floor, 3,400-square-foot apartment in New York City, an Ohio couple's recent transition meant a gut renovation to their new abode. The couple wanted to create a three-bedroom layout that flowed effortlessly and provided ample space for entertaining. They decided to call on decorator Michael Rosenberg.

Touched by an Angel

Since moving to the United States from Ecuador 13 years ago, designer Angel Naula has been making furniture the only way he knows how: by hand. Naula is a master at creating furniture suited to urban living, often incorporating storage compartments into everything from oversized tufted sofas to diminutive side tables.

Glass Acts

From delicate wine glasses to circa-1955 Murano glass bookends, these local glass treasures have caught our expert's attention.

Middle Ages Spread

After 75 years at the Cloisters Museum and Gardens in upper Manhattan, the gardens still include medieval planting schemes, using plants known in the Middle Ages, since John D. Rockefeller Jr., donated the Unicorn Tapestries to the museum in 1937. The gardens have always been an important part of the concept behind the Cloisters.

After 30 years in the same apartment, a couple makes it sparkle anew

With their daughters grown, Karen and Aaron Diamond had toyed for years with the idea of moving. “We’d been here for almost 35 years,” Karen Diamond says of their three-bedroom apartment in a 1927 building on Riverside Drive. “But we’ve always loved the Upper West Side, and why leave something we loved? So we stayed.”