It’s Not Too Late to Plant These Veggies

Plant now and reap the rewards of another round of tasty vegetables this fall.

Autumn is a terrific time for gardeners to grow cool-weather crops. The majority of those mentioned here will keep your vegetable beds looking sprightly well into November.


  • Compacted soil is difficult for these plants to push through, so prepare your soil thoroughly before planting.
  • Too late to get seeds in the ground? Check out local farmstands and nurseries for starter plants that are already established.
  • Trim off the scapes, or flower buds, of garlic before the plants’ stems get woody. It will help bulk up the garlic head below ground, and the scapes make an excellent pesto.
  • Other plants to consider for fall planting are kale and its Brassica brethren, which often have better flavor after the first frost.
  • In 2023, the approximate first frost date in the Hamptons is expected to be October 18.

The print version of this article appeared with the headline: Second Spring.