Jennifer Post

Minimal is magical for this Palm Beach-inspired designer

Your elegant, minimalist aesthetic seems to lend itself beautifully to designing bathrooms. How does it translate when designing a room with such specific requirements? 
No matter the requirements of the space, 
the material palette should always remain simple. Pick two or three materials that complement one another and remain 
consistent throughout.

Why is white the go-to color for the bathroom? White, at least for me, represents a true sense of being clean, pure and fresh; which is exactly what a bathroom should be.

You’re a self-described perfectionist. How does that influence your 
designs? My designs are elegantly minimal, which is actually one of the hardest things to achieve properly. I think one of the most important things in terms of achieving 
quality and perfection is to make sure the design is executed properly; be on site, always be informed of everything going on, and be 
very hands-on right through the end.

What influences your color palette? You lived in Palm Beach for a while—is that an influence? Yes! I do stick primarily to my two signature color palettes: whites and creams, and blacks and browns. 
But I do have a passion for yellows, water-melons, and bright, fun blues. Used sparingly of course!

You like to keep things uncluttered. How do you accommodate for the toiletries, etc., that many of us leave on the bathroom counter? Make sure you have large vanities and big medicine cabinets. This way, you’ll have plenty of room to lay everything out, but will be able to leave the space with everything put away and out of sight!