Joe Passero, Nick Geragi and LouAnn Torres' Men's and Ladies' Rooms Redesign

men's and ladies' rooms

Joe passero, nick geragi, louann torres
Klaff's, Inc.

In years past, guests looking to freshen up in the ladies’ room were in for a wait. Because the lavatory and powder areas were combined, some guests primped while others queued. And antiquated elements in both the men’s and ladies’ rooms (a fabric-covered ceiling in the ladies,’ as well as dark, light-absorbing wallpaper in the men’s) made both bathrooms feel cut off, and ill matched to the main Residence.

Klaff’s, Inc. Chairman and CEO Joe Passero and design director Nick Geragi developed a creative solution. An adjacent coat closet gave way to an additional sink, a glazed-maple vanity-as-makeup-area and a full-length triptych mirror. “All were inspired by the elegance found in the lounge of a fabulous Broadway theater,” says Passero.

In the men’s room, nondescript light fixtures were replaced with oversized polished-nickel lanterns, and a custom-built mahogany vanity was topped with white Carrara marble. “Now, as soon as you step inside either space, you
realize, ‘I’m inside the Governor’s mansion.’ Each feels perfectly in tune with the rest of the home’s decor,” says Geragi.


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