John Lennon’s Famous ‘Lost Weekend’ Penthouse in Manhattan Hits the Market

When people talk about John Lennon and Manhattan, his longtime home at the Dakota is often what first comes up. As the place where he was tragically shot, it will be ingrained in history forever. The Beatles legend had other NYC stomping grounds and home-sweet-homes of note, however. While separated from Yoko Ono in the mid-1970s , John Lennon lived in this expansive penthouse, a time of his life he retrospectively dubbed his ‘Lost Weekend.’ A buyer can now find home at the storied triplex for $5.5 million.

Brimming with artistic vibes and eye-catching details, it practically screams creativity. From roaming the 4,000-square-feet of interiors to strumming a guitar out on the terrace, it’s easy to see how a musician could thrive here. The terrace itself holds extra fame as well since it was there that Lennon and his then-companion May Pang claimed to have seen a UFO.

While it’s not guaranteed that a new owner will have a similar out-of-this-world experience, he or she will not be alien to luxury here. All one has to do is put on ‘Imagine’ or ‘Here Comes the Sun’ and take in the penthouse’s panoramic views, wood carvings, and original circa-1928 fireplaces to feel in awe of this New York City treasure. Sitting atop an Emery Roth-designed building at 434 East 52nd Street, simply to stand in the four-bedroom apartment is inspiring.

This legendary Manhattan penthouse where John Lennon spent a very distinct part of his amazing life is listed with Lauren Cangiano, Alisha Lloyd-Hudson, and Daniel Jayson of Brown Harris Stevens.