Kitchen Countertops That Glide & Slide

eggersmann introduces a new line of moving countertops.

The new MOTION collection from German cabinet powerhouse, eggersmann, will leave you speechless. The 112-year-old design studio is taking modern design to the next level with their moveable countertop system for a truly covetable kitchen.Eggersmann4

The collection of stones, woods, and melamines has a clever construction that uses a hidden roller system to enable countertops and tabletops to silently and easily slide.

As the surface moves, the eggersmann MOTION sliding countertop collection hides and reveals kitchen necessities such as sinks and induction stove tops. In addition, it expands or reduces existing counter space to allow for space-saving dining and prep surfaces. Now that’s something new, unique, and thrilling for any kitchen space.


This element of surprise sliding combined with the silent gliding mechanism is a showstopper. To top it off, the floating construction of the countertops is a stunning design detail and it further enhances the beauty and craftsmanship of their cabinetry. Every element is precise and chic.

MOTION is a game changer for luxury kitchens. Learn more about eggersmann or visit an eggersmann German cabinetry showroom to see their countertops effortlessly slide over cooktops, double the size of kitchen islands and silently glide into your heart.