6 Ways to Enhance Your Kitchen

Kitchen Design Tips

1. “Make sure the island has a sink in it. People congregate around kitchen islands, so the host can continue to entertain guests while preparing the meal.” —Phillip Thomas

2. “Various lighting zones help make a kitchen feel more intimate.” —Vicente Wolf

3. “A raised kitchen island allows you to conceal some of the prep from your guests.” —Allison Babcock

4. “Ample walkways and generous space between counters is important, as is having two dishwashers, a steam oven, and warming drawers. A refrigerator with wide shelves is handy for storing platters of food before guests arrive.” —Christopher Peacock

5.“An under-the-counter ice maker always comes in handy.” —Elizabeth Dow

6. “Banquette seating in the kitchen is a great way to maximize space while allowing guests to be engaged in the action.” —Meg Braff