LA Masterpiece Born of Celebrity Designer Jae Omar’s Vision Unveiled Asking $26M

Encino, California, a place stars often call home, has a brand new mansion to offer. Celebrity designer Jae Omar’s latest project, a Japanese-inspired modern farmhouse, was just unveiled and put on the market. Named ŌNIN, the 19,500-square-foot residence boasts traditional Japanese touches as well as contemporary elements that all add up to a jaw-dropping $26 million price tag.

Omar, who has created designs for names like Joe Jonas and Sophia Turner, explains, “We’ve taken the popular yet timeless concept of a farmhouse and introduced an entirely new spin with ŌNIN. Farmhouses at their roots are accessible, simple and uncluttered. More than just deconstruction we’ve stripped away the barriers and embraced an openness and tactility that feel both expansive and intimate at the same time.”

With Omar’s vision of the design and materials and the expertise of architect Eran Gispan, this modern masterpiece came to life. And it all starts on the exterior. The facade displays the traditional Japanese wood-burning technique “Sugi-ban,” making an immediate impact.

Encino Masterpiece Born Of Celebrity Designer Jae Omars Vision Unveiled For 26m Living Room

Photograph by Tyler Hogan

Inside, vaulted ceilings and walls of glass create blurred lines between inside and out. Swaths of marble, wide-plank oak floors, cool fireplaces, and negative space work together to create a tranquil balance throughout. The primary suite shows this off and more, holding two huge closets worthy of ravishing red carpet looks.

“I’m torn for my favorite space between the principal suite and powder room number one (there’s two). The 65’ book-matched marble water feature isn’t bad either,” shares Omar.

It is hard to pick favorites the more you pour through the home. Eight bedrooms and nine bathrooms fill the dramatic yet airy main house. Then outside, an expansive infinity pool surrounded by wood decking and stone features awaits. Additional amenities include a spa, gym, tennis, bocce, and basketball courts, as well as a one-bedroom, one-bathroom guest house.

Sally Forster Jones of Compass and Adi Livyatan of Rodeo Realty hold this luxury listing.