Designer Laura Bohn on the Art of the Bath with THG Paris

A mood board for a sophisticated bathroom comes to life.

Mood board courtesy of Laura Bohn Design Associates

NYC designer Laura Bohn is know for her modern spaces that incorporate chic color combinations, texture and sculptural forms. In this mood board for a sophisticated city bathroom, she pulled together art, a handcrafted faucet, bold marble, and a sculptural bathtub to create a stunning space.

A neutral palette of blacks and whites is enhanced by a dash of bright green from the potted plants.

The Dean Faucet by French luxury bath brand THG Paris has a simplistic and sculptural design. Its superpower is its range of beautiful finishes including chrome, gold, soft gold, nickel, rhodium silver and rose gold. The Monceau Tub by THG Paris was recently launched in the United States and sets a new standard for luxury bathtubs.

A dreamy Giclée Art Print by Antonio Mora.

A shag rug and woven baskets give a softness to the hard surfaces in the room.

headshot of interior designer laura john

Photo courtesy of Dustin Pittman.

We caught up with Laura to find out more about the beautiful bathroom she shared on the design panel at the THG Paris showroom at the D&D Building in NYC

C&G: How do you approach a master bathroom?
Laura Bohn: I like to think of a master bathroom as an extension of a gorgeous living space, when possible. I treat them like living rooms. If space permits, I like to include chairs, places for people to read or enjoy a view, a quiet place. We put rugs in them–not bath mats, drapery, tables that span the tub, candles, beautiful objects, baskets for towels, furniture, art, framed mirrors and lamps instead of expected sconces.

C&G: Bathrooms are a mix of practicality and luxury. How do you combine the two?
Laura Bohn: A bathroom has to be both practical and luxurious. Luxury often comes from the unexpected, it is not just about materials. Any material can be luxurious. It is more about whether it surprises you or not. In a bathroom setting, luxury always has to meet practicality. I like specifying super luxurious fittings and fixtures from THG Paris. They are not only beautiful but high functioning and well made. The product is where practical really aligns with luxury.

C&G: Why did you choose the THG Paris Monceau tub to feature on your mood board?
Laura Bohn: The tub is not only a beautiful object it is an amazing piece of sculpture-a statement piece that floats in the space. It is all about the shape. I like that there is a  choice of finishes, especially the silver outside with a white mineralstone inside. And I like that the plumbing is installed separately. It is like a perfect teacup.  Rather than placing the tub front and center in the room, I would turn it at an angle for an element of surprise.

C&G: Why did you choose the THG Paris Dean Faucet for the sink?
Laura Bohn: To me, the faucet is the the most minimalist and jewelry-like in the collection. It is beautifully designed and it is very simple and Shaker-like. I especially like the geometry of the gooseneck, spout and handles. It is the perfect focal point for the square vessel sink- a beautiful square box with great proportions. Together, they become the ‘candy box’ of the bathroom. I would install the faucet and sink on one side of a large slab of black and white marble.

C&G: What does the “art of living for the bath” mean to you?
Laura Bohn: One of the great luxuries in a bathroom is a generosity of space. A big bathroom with a high ceiling and a window (if possible), or access to the outdoors, really enhances the art of living. It provides an environment where you can comfortably bathe, relax and dress and can make daily living soothing and enjoyable. The element of surprise and unpredictability is also essential to a bath that reflects ‘the art of living.’ While luxury fittings, fixtures and surfaces enhance aesthetics and contribute to the user experience, elements of surprise, regardless of cost, can be transforming.


THG Paris has always been recognized as the true luxury French house and maker of the absolute finest fixtures and in recent years the ongoing evolution of the THG Paris brand in Europe and North America has been strong and steadfast. THG Paris’ showroom space in the New York D&D Building serves as an experience center for visiting guests to immerse themselves in the THG Paris brand. For designers and architects, the space becomes a working tool and studio where they can create, work on specifications and visualize their projects. Learn More.