Legendary Lawford Kennedy Estate in Palm Springs Hits the Market

While the wider Kennedy camp seemed largely concentrated in prim and proper suburbs of New England and preferred their vacation homes in the Hamptons, some members of the family ventured farther west to settle down. Patricia Kennedy, one of JFK’s sisters, was married for a time to actor Peter Lawford and they naturally lived in driving distance of Hollywood. The couple chose Palm Springs as the site for what would become an iconic residence, with its discreet hedges shielding all the big names who dropped by the house. Asking $2.75 million, the Lawford Kennedy estate offers a rare opportunity to live like an Old Hollywood movie star.

Designed by the famed William Krisel and featuring his trademark butterfly roofline, the home is a glorious display of intact retro glamour that has nevertheless been carefully updated and modernized. A dramatic entrance, accessed via a front walkway guarded by a geometric trellis, is unbelievably chic with its sultry sunken living room and cool tiled flooring. The remainder of the home is no less sleek, all clerestory windows, natural light, and clean shades of white.

Patricia and her husband unsurprisingly ran in the same circles as her brother, especially when he came to town. According to Biography, the couple was present at Bing Crosby’s nearby bash where JFK invited Marilyn Monroe to perform at his birthday fundraiser, and just ten days later the actress sang her unforgettable “Happy Birthday, Mr. President.”

If such historic moments took place just a few doors down, a plaque at the estate posits, imagine what went down at the Lawford Kennedy estate. It is said that stories and scandals of Sinatra, Monroe, and JFK surround the legendary Palm Springs home.

Chris Menrad of Compass has the listing at 1295 North Via Monte Vista.