Let There Be Light

Invite light into your home office space to help you feel happier & healthier.
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Photo courtesy of Marvin Windows.

With so many people working from home, warm sunlight, fresh air and a connection to nature can instantly change the mood of a home office space.


Project by Leia T. Ward. Photograph by Austin Eterno.

 “The most important factor to create the perfect home office is natural light. Home offices need oversized windows or doors to let as much natural light in to set the tone for a successful workspace at home.” Leia T. Ward, founder and principal staging designer of LTW Design.

At Marvin, they are driven to imagine and create better ways of living. With every window and door they make, they strive to bring more natural light and more fresh air into homes, and to create deeper connections to the natural world. Paul Marvin, CEO of Marvin, notes that “the average person spends 90% of their time indoors, making it more important than ever to consider the role windows and doors play in people’s lives, their connection to the outdoors and their well-being,”

The benefits of natural light can not only Improve your overall well-being but is known to reduce stress, improve sleep, boost vitamin D, enhance productivity and lift our mood.


Project and photo by Christopher Pagliaro Architects.

“Beyond the obvious shelter from elements, windows and doors serve two purposes to me: they provide scale to residential masses, and they provide “voids” to the very shelter they provide, thus offering us the opportunity that nature provides.” Christopher Pagliaro of Pagliaro Bartels Sajda Architects

Whether it is an adjustment to your seating to provide more comfort and aid good posture, creating an atmosphere with inspiration around you, or positioning yourself in an area where you are taking in that view and connecting to the outdoors through natural light, forming the right environment is key to a heathier and happier workspace.


Photo courtesy of Marvin Windows.

Industry professionals understand the benefits of light and use it to bring beauty and functionality to workspaces. When the design embraces and enhances the benefits of natural sunlight through deliberate choices that strengthen our connection to the outdoors, those much-desired feelings of well-being are a natural result.


Project by DeRosa Builders. Photograph by Sandro de Carvalho.

 “Our clients are looking for a place to fill all the functions of their corporate offices at home. Functionality, quiet without distraction, well lit, and plenty of counter space. We have heard more than a few times from our clients  that they particularly love a private door to get outside. On a nice day taking a business call outside is an option many have not had before. Being able to hear the sounds of our kids playing by opening a window or just getting fresh air have kept many on track and focused.” Anthony B. DeRosa of DeRosa Builders

Through their incredible selection of windows, Marvin designs for how people live and work, imagining new ways to help homeowners feel healthier and happier.  Learn more about Marvin and get inspired by their instagram feed @themarvinbrand.