Look Inside a Stylish $1.78M Wilton Modern

Along with its Mad Men-era styling, this circa-1966 Wilton modern has a two-story glass wall with views over the swank pool.In Wilton, there’s a sophisticated, circa-1966 modern designed by Robert Graf, who worked for Harvard Five architect Eliot Noyes. Like Philip Johnson’s Glass House, the minimalist home takes full advantage of its private, wooded setting, with one entire two-story wall made of steel-framed glass panels, taking in views over a swank pool and terrace. Graf sold the place to former U.S. Surgical CEO Leon Hirsch, who poured millions into property, purchasing 150 acres of adjacent land (the listing is on 2.3 acres, with Hirsch hanging onto the nature sanctuary surrounding it). Story goes that Hirsch invested in top-quality materials during his renovation, adding granite fireplaces, custom-built Carpathian elm and rosewood shelving and even a safe room and a bright-red panic button to activate an elaborate security system. The current owners, a couple of lighting and furnishing designers, are credited with the nearly 4,000-square-foot interiors’ more sybaritic side: that pool with a mahogany deck and Mad Men–worthy décor. John and Susan Engel of Halstead Property list the home for $1,780,000.

4 Bedrooms
4 Bathrooms
3,988 sq. ft.
$1.78 Million

Contact: John and Susan Engel at Halstead Property, halstead.com

The glass wall floods the living room with light.The glass wall floods the living room with light.


A look at the dining room..A look at the dining room.


Sliding doors in the master bedroom access a balcony.Sliding doors in the master bedroom access a balcony.


The luxurious master bathroom.The luxurious master bathroom.


The two-story glass wall overlooks the pool.The two-story glass wall overlooks the pool.