Luxury Bathroom Fittings Made by Hand

Drummonds creates quality tubs, sinks, and hardware steeped in history.
Thames Vanity Ig

Photography Courtesy of Steph Hill

There are regular bathrooms and then there are bathrooms that have elements that make them extraordinary.

Drummonds Bathrooms on Vimeo.
Watch to see how iron, brass and chinaware pieces for your bathroom are made by hand by skilled artisans.

While you may think of a tub or faucet as a mass-produced  item and not give it another thought, Drummonds has a very different opinion about how beauty, craftsmanship, and design heritage can enhance a bathroom.

Double Thames

Photography by Damian Russell

These are certainly not your run of the mill tubs, sinks and bathroom hardware. Drummonds creates masterpieces that reside in the bathroom.

Residential Project Malta Ig Story

Photograph Courtesy of Cuschieri Architects

Drummond Shaw started his company in Britain in 1988 when he was renovating his own historical home. He couldn’t find the architectural antiques he needed and was especially discouraged by the period pieces that were available for bathrooms. With a focus on craft and design heritage, Drummonds was born and filled the niche for classic bathroom fittings that work in a variety of modern spaces.

Residential Urban Townhouse 2

Photograph by Darren Chung

The incredible behind the scenes video above features Drummonds’ founder and shows the workmanship in every item they make. Watch to see how these iron, brass and chinaware pieces are made by hand by skilled artisans. The attention to detail is marvelous and makes every bathroom element feel bespoke.

Babt Tyne Bath

Photograph by Damian Russel

Each one of Drummonds’ bathroom products is manufactured in their own factories using time-honored, handmade processes. Always on trend, each design is steeped in history, but with a quality that is made to last. They offer a full range of bathroom products including cast iron bath tubs, vanity basins, shower fittings and bathroom accessories.