Majestic Longtime Home of Late Author John le Carré Lists for £3M in Cornwall

One doesn’t need a beautiful, awe-inspiring setting to create, but it certainly helps. Acclaimed late novelist John le Carré didn’t have to worry about finding such a spot. He had this coastal Cornwall stunner to call home. Perched on the cliffs of southern England, Tregiffian Cottage gives you the feeling of living in the center of some timeless novel and is now available to buy for £3 million, roughly $3.75 million.

From the late 1960s until his passing in 2020, the renowned writer (known for his espionage novels) made this 3.3-acre estate his family home. Throughout the decades, works such as Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Smiley’s People, and The Constant Gardener were conceived and written here. And, who’s to say which notable figures came ’round for tea?

While its longtime inhabitant and literary significance is undoubtedly its greatest claim to fame, the property also has a myriad of alluring qualities in its own right.

Late Writer John Le Carre Tregiffian Cottage1

Photograph courtesy of Savills

Tregiffian Cottage was originally three fisherman’s cottages before Le Carré combined them into the 5,000-square-foot, four-bedroom residence you see today. It presides over the majestic cliffs and crashing waves below, sitting on one of Cornwall’s most stunning stretches of coastline between Lamorna and Porthcurno. There are also lovely gardens to take in, a must for any luxurious English home.

Along with the main house, there are outbuildings a new owner can utilize or repurpose, including an office building and an indoor swimming pool. Le Carré’s former writing room sits on the first floor of a detached studio building, which could easily morph into secondary accommodations or become an art or yoga studio.

Available for the first time in 60 years after quite the transformation, Tregiffian Cottage may make someone’s Cornwall dreams come true. Chris Clifford of Savills brings the listing.