Meet cleancult: The Latest Natural Cleaner on the Block

Clean Cult Founders

After purchasing your home, there is a lot to think about when it comes to cleaning and the overall maintenance. One such brand that is making it easier is cleancult with their focus on using the "cleanest and easiest ingredients in the industry." Read on to discover more about cleancult from our interview with Ryan Lupberger, cleancult's founder and chief soap officer.

How did the idea for cleancult come about?

cleancult was started because I looked at the back of my bottle of laundry detergent and there were no ingredients listed.

Cleancult founders

How is cleancult different from what's out there?

cleancult is different for many reasons. Firstly, we have the cleanest and easiest ingredients to understand in the industry. If you look at the back of our bottle, it will contain one main ingredient, saponified coconut oil. This goes through our "soap" process and becomes one of the most effective cleaners on the planet. We're able to include this and use this in our cleaners because of our direct to consumer model and the high costs of ingredients.

Big brands don't use coconut oil in cleaners because it's too expensive for them to actually include in their formulas. We're also carbon neutral, a first in cleaning, and invest part of every dollar we make into carbon offset projects to cover all of our shipping and production carbon emissions. Finally, we're excited to be launching the first-ever landfill free cleaning model in the industry in January 2019.

Tell us more about winning MassChallenge and the Babson 2018 Challenge.

This year, we were selected as part of the Masschallenge accelerator in Boston. Masschallenge is the largest accelerator in the world. Every year, it selects 128 companies from around the world and puts them through an intensive five-month program. At the end, they choose 12 companies that the top of the cohort and poised to help solve massive problems in the world. We were the gold award winner of the 2018 year. We have been loving the products!

Can you share some products from line with our community?

Happy to hear that! We currently have four products, as you've tried and seen them, and are launching 6 new products in January 2019! We're launching lavender foaming hand soap that actually cleans, biodegradable laundry and dish tablets, and the first-ever milk carton refills for our liquid products. So, rather than having to buy another bottle, we send you your refills in landfill milk cartons. For our tablet products, we send you paper-based kraft mailers that are made of 100% recycled paper. Big companies on the market can't do this because they're required to have a long shelf life. We aren't and can thus offer you packaging that doesn't suck for the planet.

What are some of the challenges that you find in introducing a new green brand to the market?

I think the biggest problem is awareness. We have a really game changing model that is so much better from an ingredient and plastic perspective, but the big brands have so much retail awareness and funding behind them that it's tough to get noticed.

What's next for cleancult?

What's next for us is that we're introducing glass bottles for all of our first products in Q2 of 2019, so that we'll be almost entirely plastic-free! Those will be supported by an amazing, carbon neutral refill model to truly fix the dirty cleaning industry. Follow us on Instagram @cleancult.