Meet Our 2012 IDA Judges

IDA judges suggest which creative outlets spark the most innovative ideas.


"Travel. Seeing new places—the architecture, the local design—
always breathes new life into me creatively."

Stark Carpet

"I turn to my garden—planting a myriad of seeds and watching them grow is a lesson in patience and process. The flowers’ shapes inspire new ceramic forms. I amcontinually fascinated by the conversation between clay and bloom."

Frances Palmer Pottery

"Lately I’ve been really into photographs. I’m not the best photographer, but I love taking pictures on my iPhone and using Instagram. I snap images anywhere, especially of beautiful houses and interesting signs."

Anthony Baratta, LLC


"Travel—London, Paris, Istanbul—is what keeps me creative, motivated and inspired. Actually experiencing another locale and culture reinforces and builds my own sense of design, color and perspective."

Matthew Patrick Smyth Interior Design


"Drawing. I tend to think with my hand—sketching ideas and interrogating those ideas with more sketching. I love looking at architects’ preliminary drawings as well; they have an inquisitive character to them."

Yale School of Architecture


"A few moments strolling along the Avenue Montaigne and Faubourg St. Honoré in Paris admiring the shop windows of designer fashion houses Dior, Chanel or Lanvin can spark an innovative idea that influences our fabric designs."

Stephen Elrod
Lee Jofa