Meet the Contractor: Scott Bradshaw

RC Torre Bedford PlayhouseWhat made you want to get involved in the re-design of the playhouse?

Our company has been involved with many commercial and upscale residential alterations in close proximity to the Playhouse for more than 25 years. A few of our recent clients who were excited about the project kinda nudged us to get involved as they said it would be a good fit.

What were some of the challenges you were met with?

Some of our challenges were getting all of the new mechanical ductwork, piping and electrical into all of the areas where the design was staying as close to original as possible while staying on a strict budget and timeframe. These areas are the ticket, upper, and lower lobby, men’s and ladies bathrooms. Other challenges included becoming flexible to move fast as more funding pushed the project along and have the subcontractors adjust and work in tight spaces at the same time.

RC Torre

Who inspires you most, both inside and outside of the industry? 

My Grandfather was an electrician by trade however built many carpentry-related projects for both my mother and her sister on our homes throughout my entire childhood. Projects ranging from built-in bookcases to full-scale additions. I would hang around with him somewhat helping after school on occasion. My family and private life on our small farm are what keeps me going these days.

What was your jumping off point? 

I always was interested in construction and prior to graduation of high school I was approached by a construction company with a job. I had worked on their farm as a kid bailing hay, helping with their cattle including taking them to the county fair. After graduation I went straight to work.

What are some of your favorite design features within the space? 

The space is appealing as you can hide away in comfort watch a movie or have a meeting in a room with warm colors and enjoy snacks, and a wide range of refreshments without leaving the room. Full kitchen along with extended sofa make it work.

Finish the sentence: Every room needs…

 A degree of warmth and comfort!