Meet the Designer: Brittany Bromley

Bedford Playhouse VIP Brittany BromleyHow would you describe your 'look'? 

I would describe my designs as traditional but with a modern sensibility. We will often use a classical silhouette but render it in a performance fabric with an updated color or material.

Do you have a design rule that you love to break? 

I love the look of high-gloss paint – even when the woodwork or the wall underneath it is not in perfect condition, I love to see the brushstrokes and the interesting permutations that the gloss brings out in the surface texture.

Who inspired you most, both inside and outside of the design world? 

Hands down my beautiful mother – she has impeccable taste, wonderful manners, and is genuinely kind right to her very core.

Bedford Playhouse details

What made you want to get involved in the re-design of the playhouse?  

As a Bedford resident, I have been aware of the amazing campaign that brought the Bedford Playhouse to fruition. The vision, the dedication, and the execution have all done so much to bring our community together, and I’m very grateful to have played a small part in what I am sure will be a large part of our town’s future.

Where did you draw your inspiration from for the design of the NYC&G Tasting & Green Room? 

We were inspired by the concept of a VIP tasting room that felt more like a library – moody, dark, and elegant. Instead of a classic dark brown or navy high-gloss cabinetry, we’ve reimagined the traditional library feel with mercury glass, leather, brass, marble, feathers, green tortoiseshell wallpaper and high-gloss deep green millwork.

Bedford Playhouse Mood Board

How did the Playhouse itself inform your design choices, both in form and function?

One of the wonderful things about the cinema is that it can transport you to almost any time or place, and the room that we have created is similarly unique. It is easy to imagine that one has stumbled into a particularly well-appointed pub in Mayfair or an old Hollywood speakeasy during prohibition as opposed to the being in the quaint historic environs of Bedford Village!

Finish this sentence: Every Room Needs…

A Something black, fresh flowers, and good company with which to enjoy it.