Meet the Designer: John and Christine Gachot

A designer couple produces a debut line of fixtures and fittings for Waterworks.
John And Christine Gachot Portrait By David Urbanke

Photography by David Urbanke

Interest in art and design led John and Christine separately to Studio Sofield in NYC, where they worked for three years before collaboration on a gala party sparked romance that resulted in marriage. The firm they founded together, Gachot Studios, melds Christine’s background in public relations and events with John’s love of detail. Focusing on versatility, the company embraces a modern style that combines disciplined minimalism with the relaxed appeal of contemporary warmth—timeless work that straddles past, present and future. Approaching ventures from contrasting points of view, with so much experience together, they can say, “No, that’s terrible, throw it out and start over.’” The partners blend their separate ideas into a solution that evolves into “its own thing.” The Gachots share a SoHo loft and a house on Shelter Island with their teenage boys, Boris and Jackie, and dog, Slim.

1. Which aspect of furniture design interests you? 

We have a Danish cabinet from the 1940s with beautiful craftsmanship. The details aren’t just decorative, but a way of hiding how it comes together. 

Danish Cabinet

2. Who’s an artist you admire? 

Nancy Lorenz. Her fine art applied to interior design is interesting. We’ve collaborated on installations at Chanel and hotels. 

Nancy Lorenz, “chanel Study For Paris” By R&company

Chanel Study for Paris by Nancy Lorenz courtesy of R & Company

3. How were John’s inherited cigarette lighters an inspiration for the Bond Collection? 

They’re finished with the centuries-old guilloche engraving technique that relates back to hand-wrought classical tradition. 

Waterworks Bond Collection With Guilloche Detail4. What’s one of your design projects that stands out to you? 

The Shinola Hotel is a favorite. It wasn’t just the building but a project to help revitalize downtown Detroit. It was a game changer. 

The Shinola Hotel By Nicole Franzen

Photography by Nicole Franzen

5. What inspired the Betteridge store design in Greenwich? 

We adapted vitrines from the Musée de la Chasse in Paris, adapting them into an aesthetic formula that met the approval of the owner. 

The Jewlery Room At Betteridge Jewelers In Greenwich, Ct By James Katt

Photography by James Katt

6. What’s a favorite aspect of your Bond Collection project with Waterworks? 

Designing a collection that would be interactive to bring designers and people into the stores to feel and touch the detail.

Bond Collection With Waterworks

The print version of this article appeared with the headline: John and Christine Gachot.