Meet the Designer: Raquel Garcia

Raquel Garcia incorporates everything she does into her work. A self-taught luxury interior designer, Raquel passionately believes in "creating a home that reflects your unique life and vision." This includes personalized services where she gets to know her potential clients, and eventually creates a "Master Design" to help her clients transform their homes into spaces that is timeless and treasured. She is also the founder of a new organization business, creator of the jewelry line Love and Layer, and a mama of three. Read on to learn more about this rising Connecticut designer.

Raquel Garcia DesignerHow did you get into design?

My family home was filled with original pieces of Latin American art, Fortuny fabrics and mixes of mid-century modern with Classic European lines. Design has been a very strong backbone in the way I interpret beauty in a room in a home. So when I graduated from college, I was certified as a personal trainer because of my love of movement and I was in my clients beautiful homes throughout Fairfield County. They would ask me my opinion about a room in there home and I would know exactly what to do to get the feeling they were after. The rest, as they say, is history.

Tell us more about your design style/aesthetic.

My personal design aesthetic varies because I love a rich room with original art heavy textures, patterns, and rich colors, the way my family home was but because of this I keep it light and bright inviting more of a cleaner lined and softer color palette. I am not into trends I am a lover of classic design that lasts the test of time.

What is the process like when you work with clients? How do you figure out the look/feel of what they want in their homes? I am a very good listener and interpreter. I love listening to people and what makes the tick. They don’t even have to specifically tell me I can pick it out from the way they tell a story, the way they dress, their body language. It’s how I interpret what their really looking for. It’s all in the listening.

What are some of your favorite custom pieces for the home?

My favorite custom pieces for the home are the family room sitting area. And the kitchen eating area. These are two highly used spots and I want to make sure they suit the family perfectly. We spend the most time here with our loved ones and it has to be functional and of course Beautiful. The quality of these pieces have to be well made and family friendly fabrics are a must.

Raquel Garcia Designs
Photography by Alyssa Rosenheck

Tell us about some of your favorite projects and what the process was like?

I don’t have anyone in particular. I really pour myself into my clients way of living when I work with them. They are all beautiful rooms / homes. I think for me my favorite part is when they tell me they haven’t stopped entertaining or when I visit a few years later and it’s all still so relevant and I can see how they’ve really used their space the way it was intended to be used. But if I had to pick one…. I just can’t I love them all. Outdoor spaces, children’s bedrooms, family rooms…It's so hard. I can’t pick just one.

You recently started an organizational part of your business called Art of Display. Tell us more about the services you offer.

This stems from the work I do prior to interior design when I begin a project. I edit everything out of the spaces so I have a clean slate and can make it highly functional for my client to be able to do whatever the space asks for. Every room has a catch all. The kitchen has the junk drawer, the bathroom has several junk drawers, the pantry accumulates things we didn’t know we had. I can go on and on. The bookshelves are neglected and disheveled. The concept is to create organization of these very mundane spaces to allow order in. I thought this would help so many people that might not want to design specifically new spaces but need to reinterpret what is already there.

Do you have a favorite room in your home?

I love all the spaces in my home because they flow in and out of each other creating one space vs lots of little ones. But I love my master bedroom. I seriously get so much work done in there. It’s quiet, natural light filters through and no one can find me. If so, why is it special to you? I thrive in quiet spaces. It really allows me to go in and filter out what I need to focus on. It’s by far my favorite place to be after spending so much time with people. My girls, my dogs and I all love to spend some serious quality time together in there. And there is no TV… just saying.

Learn more about Raquel Garcia Designs and her services on her website.