Meet the Designers: Hollis|Jordyn

The Los Angeles-based duo reimagines a jewelry designer’s home.
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After Jordyn Grohl finished an extensive project with an interior designer at her own house, a friend asked her for design help. Grohl knew Hollis LaPlante had just finished redesigning her home, as well, so together they refurnished the living room and television room. After collaborating on this, another friend, jewelry designer Andrea Fohrman, asked the duo to design her showroom space. “One thing led to the next. We weren’t planning on starting a business, but we just started to get more and more inquiries,” Grohl says. Five years ago, the pair started their Los Angeles-based eponymous design firm, Hollis|Jordyn.

It seems as if the stylish duo has always been on the same wavelength. Both worked in television production. Both have three children. They met at their children’s preschool, but it turns out they actually have a rather coincidental connection. Thirty years ago, they were both in the same fashion ad campaign on Sunset Boulevard. When reconnected by happenstance, they connected over their love for fashion. “Sometimes we show up in the same outfit,” LaPlante says. Their passion for shopping and finding new pieces translates seamlessly to their interior design business.

Hollis|Jordyn renovated, brightened, and modernized Andrea Fohrman’s family home in the San Fernando Valley. Starting with the architectural plans, they reimagined the three-bedroom home, using Fohrman’s jewelry collection as inspiration.

How would you describe your personal style?

Hollis: Eclectic, colorful, and I love vintage pieces.

Jordyn: For me, similar. I’m a mood dresser. It kind of depends on the mood I’m in that day. I love finding different things out there—I like color, I like patterns.


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How does your personal style relate to interior design?

Hollis: I’d say it’s similar—it’s very eclectic. We let the space or the client direct us initially. Our personal style with interiors is definitely colorful and eclectic. We love textures and patterns, and mixing things that one may not think go together. We also love incorporating new and vintage pieces. We’re always on Chairish or 1stDibs, and we love to bring a little bit of old into the new.

Jordyn: I like mixing textures with my clothes, which is what we do with our interior design.


Gavin Cater / Cater Photography

What was the biggest challenge redesigning Andrea Fohrman’s residence?

Hollis: It originally had so many walls, so the home was really disjointed. The dining room was by the front door and it was an enclosed and odd space, so they never used it. We came in and basically busted open the whole space and reorganized it. We made the space make sense. We made everything very functional. They love to entertain so we did an open concept.


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What is your favorite aspect of the redesigned space?

Hollis: The dining room. We did a custom banquette and kept their original dining table. I think that’s cool when you can use a client’s existing piece—they really liked that table. The dining chairs are from a vintage store. The space is so cozy and inviting. And I just love the colors in that space.

Jordyn: Besides the dining room, I think the primary bathroom is my next favorite. Andrea’s business with the jewelry is based on natural stones, so she was really excited to bring natural slabs into her home. We got to have fun with it and find beautiful patterns and stones that reflected who she was. It just feels very calm and serene. It’s very light and bright but feels very spa-like at the same time.


Gavin Cater / Cater Photography

How did you use Fohrman’s jewelry collection as inspiration?

Jordyn: With her jewelry line, she uses bright colors. There were a few areas we were able to incorporate this­­—in the dining room by having pink chairs, and a burgundy fabric on the banquette. The lighting is jewelry-like. Also, a mix of glammy pieces–knobs on the daughter’s bathroom cabinet piece, which almost feels like a jewelry box. We added jewel tones in some of the areas, which represent similar stones she uses in her jewelry. There are jewel tones in both the kids’ bathrooms’ tile.