Milan Furniture Fair 2011

Once again we find ourselves marveling at a design event in Italy

Photos: Milan furniture fair 2011 (

Earlier this year we were captivated by the exhibits at the Venice Biennale. This Spring, we draw inspiration from the 50th Milan Furniture Fair.

More than 2,700 companies exhibited throughout the city of Milan for what some call the “biggest event in the design calendar.”  This furniture fair offers space to reflect on design, creativity, culture, emerging designers, and the industry that makes it all possible.

We have chosen to highlight a few projects that emphasize the spirit and breadth of this design exhibit.


Working for Italian design firm Casamania, recent design graduate Sophie de Vocht created “loop” by utilizing a tufted weaving technique typically used for carpeting.  Working the knitted material through a metal matrix, special equipment was used to allow the stiches to gradually become looser as they worked their way down the frame.  Inspired by carpeting, de Vocht’s relaxed style is designed to be enjoyed close to the ground.





Creator Lindsey Adams Adelman designs with texture, form and whimsy to create the  nautically inspired Knotty Bubbles chandelier for Roll & Hill.  Hand-blown, clear and textured, the glass globes are fastened with brass hardware and varying styles of twisted and knotted maritime line to create unique expressions.










FRONT, a three woman design collaborative based in Stockholm, showcased a beautiful and captivating inlaid wood armoire and chest of drawers.  Fascinated with magic, FRONT uses four shades of oak to create soft, yet eye catching 3-D patterns, reminiscent of wooden geometric puzzles.