Mix Masters: Young Huh

Young Huh Mix Masters

A passion for travel and art is at the heart of this space by interior designer Young Huh. “There is wonderful art and handmade objects,” says Huh. “You can also see the hand in the way the floor is painted and the plates are hung. All the pieces in the vignette are examples of the unique and extraordinary.” With Avery & Dash Collections’ trove of furnishings (plus Curator paint from Ring’s End, Carlisle wood floor and Diane James Home geenery) at her fingertips, Huh’s creativity was set loose. “It is a designer’s dream to do a vignette here because you can play with all the fabulous items in the showroom,” says Huh. “There’s no budget and there are no guidelines except to have the best time possible! Plus Nick [Nick Savard, president of Avery & Dash] is the most remarkable art hanger and doesn’t get annoyed when you move things around.”



Young Huh Mix Master

What was your inspiration for this space?
The porcelain room at Drottningholm Palace in Sweden, as well as the Flora Danica room in Rosenborg Palace in Copenhagen.

How would you define this room?
This is an office/lounge space. It’s a place where you can study, take a meeting or sit on the sofa and read.

What was the first piece you chose?
When I saw all the beautiful hand-painted Meissen, I thought it would be amazing to do a plate wall.

How did you choose the bold wall color?
We used Curator paint in Honeymoon Hiking because we thought it would showcase the Meissen perfectly. It is such a happy and lovely shade of bright pink that puts everyone in a good mood.

Young Huh Mix Master

How do you keep strong colors from being overwhelming?
Bold color and pattern can actually be very livable. We balanced the pink with black and white items, and then also have pieces that have the same color values, such as the lamp and the sculpture. When everything is in balance, you feel harmony and won’t feel overwhelmed.

Please tell me a little about your furniture/art selections.
We wanted to find a way to show how one can integrate something as classic and perhaps old fashioned as a plate wall with vibrant modern furnishings and how it could look very much today. Whether the items were old or new, using the bright modernist colors was a way to bring all the different styles together.

Young Huh Mix Masters

I’m seeing echoes in graphic shapes. Fully intentional or happy accident?
Definitely intentional! There has to be an underlying language that unifies all the disparate pieces. We used the principals of modernism as the unifying theme. Geometrics and primary colors gave us the backdrop to mix 18th-century Meissen, 19th-century tole, and Art Deco pieces together.

What is your top tip for combining eras/styles?
You can mix styles if you have a few guiding principles. First, is your floor plan solid? If yes, you can start to have fun with the types of pieces you pick. Next, figure out one or two guiding principles: Is everything pink, everything black and white? That will keep everything harmonious.

What is one piece you’d love to take home for yourself and why?
I adore the polka-dot coffee table. I think it’s one of the most fun and wonderful pieces I’ve seen in a long time!

Who can you picture living here?
Me and my entire team. We went home wishing our office was pink! I really hope everyone feels at home in the space and that everyone realizes they can have vibrant, fashionable spaces in their own homes.