A Modernized Historic Carriage House in Snedens Landing Asks $4M

The Hudson Valley certainly attracts the wealthy and well-known. With its proximity to NYC and seclusion, it’s no wonder celebrities such as Glenn Close and Bruce Willis have called it home in the past. However, the Hudson Valley is also home to magnificent historic estates and plenty of exciting architecture. Gilman Carriage House is a shining representation of the history and design prestige of the area. Once owned by journalist, 60 Minutes correspondent, and game show host Mike Wallace, the home in Snedens Landing wants $3.995 million.

Built in 1880, the original structure was named after Winthrop Gilman, a major historian in the area at that time. In the many decades since then, it hosted iconic figures like Ava Gardner, Laurence Olivier, and Kirk Douglas. All while in Wallace’s hands.

Days of horses trotting around this carriage house are long gone, however, there is still plenty of room to horse around on this property. An addition has melded modern with traditional and now if offers 5,000-square-feet of living space and five bedrooms. White oak flooring brings visitors through the house, then a floating staircase feels more futuristic than historic. Meanwhile, accents of antique wooden furniture are a reminder of the home’s old-time charm. The 160-year-old property is also keeping up with times earning its status as a smart home.

Though located just 25 minutes outside of NYC, the closeness to the Hudson River and the tranquil landscape make it feel worlds away from Manhattan’s concrete slabs. Here, one can embrace alfresco living as this property includes the largest pool in Snedens Landing.

Richard W. Ellis of Sotheby’s International Realty holds the storied Hudson Valley listing.