New Bulbs From C by GE and Google Offer Simplicity to Smart Lighting

Google Home light

Homes are increasingly using smart home features and the latest product in that category includes the release new bulbs by C by GE and Google. Without the need for an extra hub, this new level of simplicity to smart lighting control allows you to use either the Google Home, Google Mini, or Google Max to control your C by GE bulbs.


Google Smart Home

To use it, simply screw in a C by GE bulb and make sure one of these Google Home products is on, and the Google Assistant will automatically detect the bulb in the Google Home app. Then just say “Hey Google…” to turn the bulb on and off, dim it or control it otherwise with your voice.

We also love that setting up routines and schedules, as well as controlling lighting away from home, can be done directly in the Google Home app, eliminating the need to toggle between two apps to make updates. While great for new users, this seamless compatibility, made possible through a Bluetooth connection between the products, will also be available to existing Google Assistant and/or C by GE users without the need to purchase any additional hardware.

A Smart Light Starter Kit with a Google Mini and C-Life bulb will be available starting October 22 at the Google Store, Best Buy, Lowe’s and Target, as well as a variety of online outlets and regional chains.

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