New Haven’s Hottest New Hotel Has a Restaurant Featuring a Michelin-Star Chef

The Blake Hotel in New Haven just opened this month and it's already making a splash thanks to irresistible style and exciting food offerings. When you step inside, the fluid atmosphere made up of chic lounge and work spaces feels far more like a gathering hub than a hotel lobby. The beautiful thing is that it’s both. While The Blake is a place to rest your head in style, it is also the central gathering spot that New Haven desperately needed. The lobby was designed to be welcoming for all, where people can pop in with their laptop for a coffee or sit and read a book in the plush chairs for hours. It’s all about taking a quiet moment for yourself here, but of course the open space lends itself to having good times with pals as well.

The lobby seamlessly flows into the Instagram-worthy restaurant, Hamilton Park, which is Michelin-starred chef Matt Lambert’s newest concept. The New Zealand native is the owner and executive chef of Manhattan’s acclaimed restaurant, The Musket Room, but he has a special place in his heart for New Haven. When Lambert first moved to the United States, he settled into Woodbury, Connecticut for a few years to get his toes wet before braving the intimidating Big Apple. He would often come to New Haven to see bands and eat great food instead of trekking all the way into the city.

Now, he has created Hamilton Park in The Blake Hotel as a celebration of New England. The restaurant has a trendy, bistro vibe and exudes fun with stained glass windows and a huge bar. Currently, dinner and breakfast are the only meals being served, but lunch and brunch will open this weekend, March 1st. Plus, soon the rooftop restaurant will open, can you say game changer? You wont want to be anywhere else on a nice, sunny day with the best drinks and brunch right at your fingertips. 

Above the entrancing common area and restaurant sits 108 spacious and contemporary guest rooms. While there are different layouts—the Haven Suite, the Double-Haven Suite, and the Haven Studio—each boasts thoughtful pieces by local artists, plant life, eye-catching light fixtures, and of course, the most comfortable of beds. Another perk you may not be used to in hotel rooms, but soon wont be able to live without, is the cook tops that make it easier than ever to feel right at home. Feel like a night in? Cook to your heart’s content then settle into bed for a movie.

The Blake Hotel has something to offer everyone, whether you’re looking for a delicious restaurant with great ambience for a night out with friends or a place to stay while a loved one is in the hospital. It’s more than a hotel where you check in and leave the next day, it’s part of New Haven’s lively community.