Oculus VR Co-Founder’s Unreal Silicon Valley Home Wants $9.5M

Oculus VR co-founder Brendan Iribe just put his Palo Alto abode on the market and the only thing unreal about it is its stunning design and virtually flawless amenities. Created by Robert Glazier, the architect behind several Four Seasons resorts worldwide, it is as tranquil as any five-star spa or swanky suite. The Silicon Valley home, called Villa Bougainvillea, is in this case available for purchase rather than at a nightly rate and is asking $9.5 million.

The virtual reality goggles that are currently the next big thing for entertainment and gaming have apps that transport consumers to the most beautiful places, and this home could make it into one of those with ease. Framed by lush plant life, the Spanish Revival style villa has a heavy wood door that opens to a quiet courtyard of stucco and red-tile. Sparsely and simply landscaped with succulents and other desert flora, the space is an introduction to the calm that’s to come.

The interiors boast a mix of warm yet airy decor, with multiple French doors leading into the chic backyard. A long pool is fed by fountains, surrounded by lush landscaping and overlooked by a trellis-topped outdoor sitting area. The master suite has a prim view of the entire scene, and there are three other bedrooms throughout this 3,367-square-foot haven.

Despite its serene essence, the Villa Bougainvillea is within walking distance of Palo Alto’s University Avenue. The home no doubt provided a place of solace for the Oculus visionary when Facebook bought his company for $2.4 billion in 2014. Terri Kerwin of Kerwin & Associates has the listing.