Ode to Color by Lori Weitzner

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Color is a powerful force that guides our design choices and even determines the mood we want to set. Textile designer, author and soon-to-be textile jewelry designer (check out the RSVP info below to attend her first trunk show), Lori Weitzner is a big believe in color, which is beautifully covered in her book, Ode to Color: The Ten Essential Palettes of Living and Design where she showcases 10 “color worlds” through essays, literary quotations, and gorgeous visuals where she explores the power that color holds over our tastes, decisions, and moods.

“I have no set formula when it comes to developing a color world,” Lori writes. “For me it is not a science, but a process that is both intuitive and practical. Some of these worlds are the result of a deliberate attempt to conjure a certain mood, memory, place, or emotion. Others I have developed or discovered as I worked through color selections for my designs. In both instances, the process begins with an exploration of the contents of the thirty-six ‘color drawers’ containing yarn and swatches of every color in the spectrum that I keep in my studio."

Ode to Color Lori"For red alone, for example, I have six drawers, divided by their undertones, coolness, and warmth. I play with these materials, looking at them in varying intensities of light, mixing and matching them until I find what I am looking for—or it finds me. I work in many color worlds, and know there are more to discover, but I’ve selected the ten featured in the chapters in this book because they are the most prominent in my work; they are the ones that have stood the test of time.”

From Waterside (cool blues, grays) and Silverlight (pewter, silver) to Out Loud (vibrant reds, blues, purples) and Fragrant Woods (greens, browns) to Alchemy (golds) and Whisper (whites), Lori take us on a journey that penetrates our connections to color on a psychological and spiritual level. Fueled by the particulars of this designer’s own work and aesthetic, the chapters also draw on the wider cultural, historical, religious, and secular correlations that we bring to color and color brings to our daily lives.

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Chapters include a “Living with” essay where Lori shares insights into what that color world evokes, as well as striking visuals to inspire design ideas, and a vibrant collage of the words we most commonly associate with that palette. “I have very particular notions of colors, their characters and impact and associations, both alone and in groups,” Lori writes. “What connects them is a level of engagement: they speak to the senses on an emotional level, influencing our moods and jogging memory, and simply speaking to who we are, functioning as a form of self-expression.”

Highly imaginative and saturated with the colors it celebrates, Ode to Color is about color as self-expression and statement that speaks to artists, designers, decorators—and everyone who embraces the power of color in our lives.

Check out our recent Facebook interview with Lori Weitzner and be sure to take her Ode to Color analysis to learn more your color world. You can also RSVP to attend Lori's first jewelry event by reaching out to Rachel@loriweitzner.com.