One of San Francisco’s Iconic ‘Painted Ladies’ Just Hit the Market

It’s difficult to think of a row of townhouses more famous in San Francisco, or in the whole of the United States, than the Painted Ladies that sit across from Alamo Square Park. They’re also known as the Seven Sisters, not to be confused with the Seven Sisters of Montauk, and Postcard Row for their photogenic presence. Matthew Kavanaugh designed and built each of the Victorian and Edwardian-style houses in the late 19th century.

Heavily photographed and filmed (just look at the Full House intro), they’re a favorite view for locals and tourists alike. To become a resident instead of just an onlooker, you can now buy the “Pink Painted Lady” for $3.55 million.

The seller, Leah Culver, bought the San Fran treasure pre-pandemic in January 2020. She applied for the Mills Act Tax Reduction (a tax reduction program for historical properties), which was granted to the property, and also began documenting her hefty renovation efforts on Instagram. Indeed, the home is still a total work in progress, but the sale will come with plans drawn up by David Armour Architecture and approved permits.

These plans would restore the structure’s original two units: A five-bedroom upper unit clocking in at 2,996 square feet and a two-bedroom lower unit spanning 845 square feet. With this configuration, the smaller apartment can house loved ones or generate rental income.

Though Culver’s priorities have changed, her fondness for the property has not. It’s listed at the same price she bought it for in hopes to motivate a buyer with pure intentions. The seller recently told the Wall Street Journal, “I really want to find a buyer who cares about San Francisco, and this property and the location.”

Nina Hatvany of Team Hatvany at Compass has the rare listing at 714 Steiner Street.