Out-of-the-Box Gift Ideas

Gadgets, innovations, seasonal items–it’s a smattering of possibilities for holiday presents, stocking stuffers, hostess gifts.

In this season when shoppers are out with their holiday lists, we thought we’d mention some unusual items which have come to our attention. Gadgets, innovations, seasonal items–it’s a smattering of possibilities for holiday presents, stocking stuffers, hostess gifts.

Happy BirdwatcherThe Happy Birdwatcher
Pick a specific address or location, and Happy Birdwatcher selects and blends seed that will appeal to bird species in that particular locale. By tracking migratory habits, the mixes are adjusted to meet preferences of birds expected month by month. Accommodating both feeder and non-feeder birds, packets of Everyday Wild Bird Food are paired with smaller bags of Specialty Wild Bird Food. Packages of seed are shipped with personal handwritten notes along with a information advising which species to watch for.

Twinkly LED Lights
Light up for the holidays inside and out with strings of decorative lights. Outlining decorations, lined up along the wall, wrapped around the tree, they can be custom programmed to create your own personal choices of mood, ambiance, and color, and controlled through the app with a snap of the finger.

Decorated Home Decor KitDecocrated: Home Decor Subscription Box
Spruce up your rooms every season with one-stop home décor subscription kits. Each “goody” box contains a variety of decorative accessories themed to align with the calendar–perhaps candle holders, pillow cases, greeting banners, napkin rings, table runners. Arrange the coordinated items in your own creative combinations and switch them out to refresh living spaces effortlessly and enjoyably.

24 Hole Soil Digger24-Hole Soil Digger and Seed Spacer
Creating spots for 24 seeds at one swoop is the task of this new garden tool. Use it with seed trays to get a head head start on spring sprouting, then take it outdoors for direct seed sowing right in the garden.

Colsen Fire PitColsen Indoor Fire Pit
Plain rubbing alcohol warms up cold winter nights in mini fire pits. Crafted from temperature-resistant concrete in simple stylish décor shapes, they burn cleanly and smokelessly. Used with care and with proper ventilation the little fireplaces add a cozy ambience to chilly evenings.

Holiday Flavor Diamond AlmondsHoliday Flavor Diamond Almonds
Minty chocolate Peppermint Cocoa and cinnamon sugar cookie Snickerdoodle are special limited-edition “Naughty & Nice” flavors concocted to give tasty almonds a holiday aspect. Festive labels and gift tags on the lids make them tasty affordable stocking stuffers or party hostess gifts.

Butter CrayonThe Butter Crayon
Stuff a stick of butter into the green plastic sleeve of this stocking stuffer and it becomes a “crayon” to dispense a smooth even coat of butter on toast, corn on the cob, grilled sandwiches and a safer way to butter hot pans and baking dishes.

G2 Premium Gel Roller
Testing out as the longest lasting gel pen, Pilot’s quick drying G2 keeps track of gift lists and addresses holiday cards. Retractable point tips come in four sizes from bold to extra fine and there are14 refillable quick drying colors.

Cord WrapperThe Cord Wrapper
Controlling “spaghetti messes” of electric cords, the Cord Wrapper winds excess length onto a round gadget that sticks right on the appliance or electronic device. With a scalloped edge to prevent unwinding and a heat resistant adhesive, the buttons come in three colors, red, white, and black.Zeiss Anti Fog WipesZeiss Anti-Fog Lens Wipes
Condensation can make blurry winter yard work even more of a chore. Pre-moistened anti-fog wipes clean lenses and prevent fogging. Individually wrapped, the non-abrasive microfine tissues can also be used on eyeglasses, sunglasses, face shields, and snow goggles. Cameras, binoculars, scopes and other non-eyewear can be cleaned with them as well.

Ultalit Scenttree

ScentKeeper Spray and ScenTree
Boost that wonderful holiday conifer scent with a ScentKeeper’s evergreen oil. Minimally diluted with water, the essential oil emits a wonderful natural fragrance. It can be sprayed on the tree or in the room emitted in a ScenTree diffuser which hangs on the tree among the ornaments.


Arctic Sport Ii Ankle BootArctic Sport II Muck Ankle Boot
For winter gardening or hiking, this boot is lined with light-weight insulation for warmth and comfort. Its printed rubber coating over neoprene is waterproof and abrasion resistant with a rugged rubber outsole for traction. The ankle height allows easy on/off for cold, wet chores.

Self-Watering Kitchen Herb Kit
Plant a packet of seeds in the soil which is supplied, insert the inner pot into the larger outer pot, install the self-watering gauge, add extra water to the side vent, place in a sunny spot, and look forward to a harvest of lavender, basil, dill, or peppermint.