Pillow Talk

A new pillow puts me to sleep

I have had daily back pain (sometimes mild, sometimes more than mild) since I was in middle school, and it just so happens that I heard about the Stress Ease™ Comfort Reader™ pillow from United Feather & Down and sleep authority Dr. James B. Maas during a more-than-mild week. Now I use the pillow all the time—while I’m watching TV or reading before bed—and it really has helped to keep my back pain at bay. The pillow is big (designed to fit a European Square size sham), so it supports my whole back, and at the bottom, it provides even greater lumbar support through a firmer, rounded-out section. If I more want support for my upper back and shoulders, I can just flip the pillow around so the firmer section is at the top. It comes with a reusable hot/cold pack, which can be inserted into a compartment in the removable cover. This makes icing the trouble spots so easy—I don’t have to sit contorted on the couch to hold the pack in the right spot. Another thing I really like about the Stress Ease™ Comfort Reader™ pillow is that it allows me to read before bed without back pain. Dr. Maas feels we need a buffer between the day’s stress and the night’s rest, like reading in bed, to get the best sleep possible. Regular pillows give my lower back no support, so sitting up in bed gets painful very quickly. Since I’ve been using this pillow, I have been able to get through so many more chapters, and really relax before I hit the lights. The Stress Ease™ Comfort Reader™ Pillow is available at thegreatindoors.com.