Plant Your Spring Garden Now

In the fall, seasoned gardeners really dig these early-spring-blooming bulbs.

It’s the time of year when spring bulb catalogs start arriving in the mail, and since gardening is all about patience and foresight, don’t let them pile up! Now’s the time to order a broad mix of bulbs, tubers, and crowns for a full season of color and surprise in 2024.


  • As a general rule, small bulbs should be planted shallower and big bulbs deeper.
  • Deer shy away from most bulbs, but they love tulips. Protect yours with deer repellent the moment the plants push through the ground.
  • Consider making your own tulip “lasagna” in a big pot. Choose complementary colors of early-, mid-, and late-spring-blooming tulips and plant the late ones deepest, with the early ones closest to the top and layers of soil in between.
  • If you have aboveground critters that like to munch on bulbs, sprinkle them with cayenne pepper or top them with rose canes secured to the soil with landscape staples. Bulb cages or chicken wire can deter voles and moles.
  • Wild hyacinths make good cut flowers. For best results, condition them overnight in cool water before putting them into an arrangement.

The print version of this article appeared with the headline: Plan Ahead.