Privet House Debuts a Pop-up Series, Kicking off with a Spotlight on Madeline Weinrib

Privet Lives Pop-up Shop

If you want to shop around the world without the jet lag, head to New Preston’s Privet House in the hills of Litchfield County. Suzanne Cassano and Richard Lambertson’s beautiful shop is the destination for everything from antique Belgian serving pieces to handmade shoulder clutches that Lambertson carried in his own suitcase from India. Now, Privet House aims to bring their customers even more covetable pieces with culture and character.

Enter Privet Lives, a shop next door that will feature collaborations with notable designers, artisans and brands whose products are hard to find in the area. When the store opened up next door, Cassano and Lamberston knew that it would be the perfect locale to create a space fit for the spectacular products of Madeline Weinrib, whose work the duo has always coveted. What Cassano describes as “the world of Madeline Weinrib” debuted this past Saturday. She explains, “The small, intimate space is a riot of color and pattern that allows you to get up close and personal and engage with everything.”

Joining forces was a seamless process. As Cassano explains, “Madeline is someone we’ve always admired and feel a kindred spirit with…We share a devotion to textiles that have a cultural and ethnic vibe. She developed her voice early on and was very true to herself. There was a time when she was countertrend, but she never wavered and I really respect that.”

Weinrib’s products include block print pillows and napkins, Ikat pillows, cotton woven carpets, runners, silk tunics and caftans, clutches and brand new cold-pressed argon oil personally sourced in Morocco. They will be featured in Privet Lives until Labor Day of this year. Weinrib echoes Cassano with respect for her partners and excitement about this new venture. She says, “Privet Lives is a wonderful concept shop and I am thrilled to be the first to collaborate with them. I love what Suzanne and Richard have done with Privet House. They have impeccable taste and I knew that this will be an extension of that.”

Cassano sees this as the beginning of a wonderful partnership with Weinrib, but explains that she, Lambertson and their team are equally excited for future collections appearing in Privet Lives, which is named after Cassano and Lambertson’s desire to create “a space of many lives.”