Reflections on Art Basel 2014

Over 73,000 people crowded into Art Basel Miami this year browsing through works displayed in the main show, satellite fairs, museums, gardens all over town.  We asked some prominent designers and one of our editors to pick out and describe some items that caught their particular attention.



Listed since 2000 as one of AD's Top 100 Architects, Alexander Gorlin applies modernist principles to projects ranging from high-end residential to affordable housing.  An architectural critic, scholar and author of numerous books, he has been honored with a Fellowship by the American Institute of Architects.

Ceramic screen
Elisabeth Lemaigre-Voreaux
C. 1980

"This remarkable ceramic creation is both a freestanding screen as well as a surreal door that is punctured by a silent explosion, frozen in mid air. Like the proverbial screen door in a submarine – it is a useless yet evocative object in its poetic representation of two opposing forces."











Studio Job
Polished and patinated Bronze, 24k gold leaf
H 170 L 155 W 102 cm H 66.9 L 61 W 40.2 in
Limited edition of 5 + 2 AP

A completely bizarre but enchanting functional sculpture that is at the extreme end of the spectrum of excess.  A model of the great Cathedral of Chartres in bronze with gold leafed doors, it is rotated so that the plan is upright and the two towers, one Gothic, the other Romanesque, are on the floor providing the support. The body of the cathedral is turned into an armoire or closet for objects as mundane as towels or like the original, perhaps relics of saints or the Tunic of Mary. 

Ephemera Leaf Table


A unique fairy tale concept of leaves and plants rising and falling magically from the surface of a dining table. When one is distant from the table the leaves rise, as one approaches or sits down, they fall flat onto the surface so that the table is usable for dining.  It's also a play on the idea of leaves that extend the size of a table, to accommodate more guests.



Alberto Villalobos and Mercedes Desio combine the eclectic and international senses of their diverse backgrounds in their emerging design firm Villalobos Deio and in their ETOS antiques boutique in New York City. 


Mercuric Tables
Zaha Hadid Collection
Marquina Black or Covelano White Gold Vein
Limited Edition

This trio of tables that can be place in different configurations have the perfect balance of a contemporary design, with the tradition of masonry work from a monolithic piece of stone. We connect with the organic nature of the shape, as well as with the uniqueness of each piece, and their movement quality.  


BM Horse Chair

BM Horse Chair
Satyendra Pakhale
Material: bright bronze with sandblasted surface
Edition 7 + 3A.P 
Ammann Gallery

 We connect with the craftsmanship of the piece which is almost filigree like, the attention to detail, and the duality between furniture, and art.  It is a focal point, and it is the type of piece that you will enjoy seeing from every angle.


Wooden rulers on wooden board
Eduardo Terrazas
From the series “Everyday Museum”, 1987
Framed dimensions: 115 x 115 x 5 cm
Courtesy: Proyectos Monclova

Photo credit: Diego Berruecos

We love the realism of this particular piece.  It is a study on how everyday items can be transformed into something different, through the use of repetition and superposition, to defy the mundane purpose for which they were made. 


Jim Cole
c. 2006
20H x 40W x 23D inches
50.8H x 101.6W x 58.4D cm
Magen H. Gallery

We liked this piece because of the unique feeling it creates through the combination of form and material.  We feel that the result is an interactive sculpture that is both beautiful and livable.



Known for his "fresh American style," Scott Sanders has worked closely with the Rubell family, recently renovating the iconic Lord Baltimore Hotel, a project described in his recently published Pointed Leaf Press book "The Insider's Guide to the Lord Baltimore Hotel and Baltimore Too."


I changed my name by Richard Prince

I changed my name
Richard Prince
Acrylic and screen print on canvas,
Left panel 56 1/4 x 45 in. (142.5 x 114.5 cm)
Right panel 56 1/4 x 33 1/4 in. (142.5 x 84.5 cm)
Overall 56 1/4 x 78 1/4 in. (142.5 x 198.7 cm)
Rubell Family Collection, Miami

"I have not seen this Richard Prince for 13 years! When I was designing the Beach House hotel for the Rubell family back in 1999 they let me pick art from their collection for the public spaces for the hotel. I thought the words on the painting "I never had a penny to my name, so I changed my name" would be fabulous behind the reception desk! Plus it was blue and it matched the hotel! Now of course, you could never put such a valuable piece behind the front desk!"


Gate: The Crap Trees of UranusGate: The Crap Trees of Uranus

Aaron Curry
Acrylic gouache on canvas
112 x 92 in. (284.5 x 233.7 cm)
Rubell Family Collection, Miami

"I love the juxtaposition of the painting and the sculpture.. the colors are so vibrant and explosive, it's enticing and exciting." 








Sharon King Hoge

C&G Editor at Large Sharon King Hoge covers travel, art, and interiors and has been attending Art Basel Miami for the past decade.


Breathe In, Breathe Out by Elvire Bonduelle

Breathe In, Breathe Out
Elvire Bonduelle
Steel, paint
334 x 369 x 110 cm (131 1/2 x 145 1/4 x 43 1/4 in)
Edition 2/3
galerie laurent meuller
"Bonduelle's "wrought iron" fence doors read In and Out — appropriately clever wording to attractively "frame" the same artist's paintings displayed within the booth."


Le Boudoir ImaginaireLe Boudoir Imaginaire
Christian de Laubadere
Works on canvas
Displayed at the Setai Hotel

"The artist copied and collaged a series of hair dos that were proposed to Queen Marie Antoinette. The elaborate hair styles were complemented by costumes created by the artist.  It made a wonderful wall that was both historic and fanciful."









Marina Abramovic with Beyeler Foundation
Installation at Art Basel

"The whole Art Basel scene all over Miami is so hectic that people passing by this exhibit in the Convention Center were happy to participate, appreciating the opportunity to lie down, put on sound-blocking ear phones and rest — for as long as they wanted.  Some fell asleep. Marina also hosted a party at which no one was allowed to speak."


Light Massimo UbertiLight
Massimo Uberti
Installation in the Design District

"Launching Bentley Elements commissions celebrating the craftsmanship and innovation of Bentley automobiles, Massimo Liberti's neon installation was inspired by the neon-lit areas where the bespoke vehicles are carefully inspected prior to delivery."






Chihuly at Fairchild

Chihuly at Fairchild
28 glass sculptures
Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

"Dale Chihuly's glass creations can be overwhelming, but scattered among the plantings at Fairchild, the pieces are unexpected, brilliant bursts of color."

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