Refresh Your Lifestyle with the Finest Artisanship of Italy

Perfecting their craft for over 120 years, Giorgetti's unique furnishings add beauty to any home.
Giorgetti Bringing The Artisanship And Sophistication Of Italy To The World Milan

Giorgetti Atelier in Milan (Italy), Photograph by Simona Pesarini

Over 120 years ago in Italy, Giorgetti began gifting the world with its flawless furniture. Made with the patience and care of artisans’ hands as well as cutting-edge technology, their inventive pieces go beyond adding to a home’s design and offer a lifestyle. A beautiful balance of honoring woodworking tradition and constantly pursuing innovation, the furnishings radiate elegance and personality wherever they are planted.

Giorgetti Bringing The Artisanship And Sophistication Of Italy To The World Book2018 096 Hr Ph Alberto Tagliabue

Giorgetti headquarter in Meda (Italy), Photograph by Alberto Tagliabue

At its heart, Giorgetti is an interior solutions provider and can fully furnish the residential landscape of your home. A luxurious one-stop-shop, the brand infuses refinement into spaces whether a designer has selected their most time-intensive chairs or their superb accessories, such as fragrances and rugs.

Made in Italy from the first design sketches to the finishing touches, the production itself is an art form. It surpasses the logic of a standard product and allows for your exact customizations with 2,200 different finishes at your fingertips. Giorgetti then becomes part of creating the atmosphere of your home, imbuing the artisanal essence of Italy beautifully.

Challenging how many think of furniture, the pieces are distinct and fresh, yet magically timeless. They sit just as sublimely in a traditional great room as in a modern master suite. They have no place or time, but bring an atypical uniqueness that is unmistakably Giorgetti.

To let people experience the beauty of their Italian artisanship, the brand has created bespoke Ateliers in the most fashionable cities around the world. From Milan to Singapore to Antwerp, these stunning spaces shine in trendy buildings and on the most high-end shopping streets.

Giorgetti Bringing The Artisanship And Sophistication Of Italy To The World Sl Host Gt17 104a Ph Sergio Chimenti

Host by Adam D. Tihany, Photograph by Sergio Chimenti

Harmonizing with every style, each product exudes imagination. Giorgetti has brought to life pieces such as the HOST by Adam D. Tihany, an ingenious bar cart that can come apart for impressive entertaining, and the sleek yet whimsical CUCKOO CLOCK by Virginia Harper. Their brilliant collections show what creative freedom and pristine quality can achieve. Offering you endless adaptable options, you can express yourself just as freely.

To transform your lifestyle at home and add Giorgetti’s artisanal masterpieces to your spaces, visit their website.