Ressource Introduces Yves Klein Paint to Honor the Iconic International Klein Blue

Blue has been known for many things; from light shades conveying a sense of calm, to brighter hues acting as a fun pop of color in fashion and décor. But how do you define the blue of all blues?

Ressource and the Yves Klein Archives brings the official Yves Klein Paint to the market in honor of the acclaimed artist’s 90th anniversary and his iconic International Klein Blue.

Ressource Paint News

It took years of research for Ressource to develop the two-step process that would perfectly capture the vibrant, intense, colorful blue that Klein invented in 1960. Now, the official color is available exclusively at Ressource in two optimized finishes: Deep Matte and Velvet Matte. In order to reproduce the Yves Klein Paint shade as close as possible to its original radiance, it is essential to apply the undercoat specially developed by Ressource.

This magnificent shade, inspired by the sapphire depth of the ocean, is unique and creates the perfect accent for a bold interior that feels youthful while still adding mystery.

According to Yves Klein, "Blue has no dimension, it is out of dimension, contrary to the other colors. All colors bring associations of concrete ideas. While blue recalls at most, the sea and the sky, and what it is in the tangible and visible nature, the most abstract.”

Ressource Paint News

Ressource introduces Yves Klein Paint alongside its existing collection of more than 950 colors to bring the unexpected and allow designers to express their artistic sensitivity with color. The partnership between Yves Klein Archives and Ressource was natural as the two share Provencal roots, along with expertise and love for color and texture.

Ressource opened its first U.S. location in New York in 2018 to share French inspiration and its beautiful collection of colors. Yves Klein Paint and the entire Ressource collection of colors and wallpaper can be purchased at the Ressource Americas Showroom at the D&D Building [979 3rd Avenue, Suite 1507 New York, NY – (646) 677-5336].

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