Richard Clarkson Studios’ New Collection Is Out of This World

Richard Clarkson studio has gone above and beyond to transform design dreams into a reality. The Brooklyn-based art and design lab creates unique pieces inspired by the celestial. While maintaining a simple and elegant style, their intricate designs have a way of sparking imagination and creating a story throughout your own home.

Richard Clarkson Studios’ recently launched collection, “CONSTELLATION,” which features new lighting, furniture, and accessories uses brass finishes and deep black industrial accents to highlight the sleek, sculptural lines of their pieces.

“As a studio born of the clouds, we now set our sights to the stars and beyond, hoping to expand on the experience we’ve created thus far. With this collection, we seek to bring the wonders of the celestial into the home.”

Read on to discover more about the CONSTELLATION collection:

Constellation Light System

The Constellation twilight LED lighting system creates a starlight ambiance in any room. Designed for your living space, the elegant fixture is offered in all 12 Zodiac Constellations.

Constellation Panel

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” This limited edition wall installation is inspired by Neil Armstrong becoming the first man to step foot on the moon. The illuminated panel not only makes for a great focal point for a room, but also displays the accurate map of the stars from New York the night of this groundbreaking moment.

Constellation Side Table

The Constellation Side Table features a gorgeous round glass surface that plays with the idea of how beautifully water is able to reflect the stars. The sleek brass and polished edges help to create the illusion of a floating mirror. This side table will be the ideal piece for your home.

Constellation Incense Burner

This rocket ship inspired incense burner is designed as the perfect and playful accessory for the Constellation side table. The smoke for the incense travels out the bottom of the spaceship making it seem like it is time for liftoff.