Robert Redford’s Majestic Utah Ranch Hits the Market

Robert Redford loves horses. On-screen and off, the movie star has devoted much of his time to the equine. Along with starring in iconic films like Out of Africa and The Way We Were, Redford starred in the film The Horse Whisperer. Appropriately, his longtime Utah property is called Horse Whisper Ranch. While the closely-named movie is available for a price on-demand, the actor’s property is now coming into view asking quite a bit more on the real estate market. Redford just listed the 30-acre estate for $4.9 million.

Located in the tiny town of Charleston, about 25 miles from his approximately 1,800-acre Sundance holdings, Horse Whisper Ranch serves largely as a winter grazing land for Redford’s horses. Tucked as it is just off the mountains, the spread enjoys more protection from inclement weather. That’s likely what attracted Redford to the property when he purchased it in 1996, after first beginning accumulating Utah properties in the 1960s. Due to deed restrictions that limit development, this particular ranch has remained much the same in the years since.

Seven structures dot the property, each unassuming compared to the majesty of the natural surroundings. There’s a two-bedroom, two-bathroom turn-of-the-century farmhouse situated not far from two hobby studios: A woodshed and garden house. Boat storage, a hay barn, and horse stalls sit not far away, overlooking vast pastures. All in all, Horse Whisper feels like an Old West stopover just waiting for its next steward.

Steve Mavromihalis (San Francisco) and Jaisa Bishop (Windermere Utah) of Compass hold the listing.