Robert Stadler’s ‘Playdate’ Installation at The Glass House

The artist's installation is on display in New Canaan through December 12.
Glass House 9 6 2022 Stadler 0104

Robert Stadler in The Glass House. Photography by Michael Biondo

Robert Stadler’s exhibit, “Playdate,” is on display at The Glass House in New Canaan through Monday, December 12.  His sculptures are located in the Glass House’s main structure, the Sculpture Gallery, Da Monsta, and throughout the landscape. Late architect Philip Johnson built the Glass House in 1949 and added to the property over the years.

In the actual Glass House itself, five works from Stadler’s “OMG-GMO” series are on display in tandem with the home’s original Bauhaus furniture collection. Stadler references genetically modified food with sculptures of fruits and vegetables, which are intended to highlight the relationship between nature and design.

In the circa-1970 Sculpture Gallery, Stadler’s “Richard” installation addresses Johnson’s idea of “safe danger.” Stadler placed a dozen painted bowling balls throughout the gallery. In Da Monsta, Johnson’s last structure on the site, Stadler installed two works. Soft Screen is a work in light that juxtaposes the structure’s hard surfaces with the immateriality of light. New Paintings #1 is a table with a marble inlay top, which blurs the line between art and furniture.

Outside, Stadler placed stone furniture pieces from his “Ditto” collection.

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